We have built on a reputation for quickly taking care of the problems that frequently frustrate facilities managers, health and safety managers, estate managers and property owners. For an established client, an email is all it takes to get the issue resolved, and always within the agreed service level arrangement. We achieve this by selecting skilled and conscientious engineers, empowering them to make decisions autonomously. This process encourages efficiency, expediency and accountability and allows us to fully capitalise on our team members skills.


All business owners know they need to comply with the Electricity At Work Act, but often this leads to misunderstanding and leaves Directors exposed to financial and personal risk. We understand how easy it is for enterprises of any size to fall into the trap of seeing auditing as the same as compliance.

Sometimes the simplest of procedural changes can bring a business into compliance. It may require a more thorough risk assessment or even some training for front line staff but one thing we strongly believe is that compliance needn’t be expensive.

Our approach is to assess the risks through consultation and ensure a thorough understanding of the business needs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach or a worthless compliance package that still leaves the business owners at personal risk.


We regularly undertake electrical installation work, as well as de-installation for clients with flexible estates. From small, single phase systems, to large three phase arrangements, we can be consulted for design advice as well as installation, verification, testing and certification.

Temporary Installation

We have served clients all over the World, inspecting and certifying that the electrical installation of their event was safe thus guaranteeing the reputation of the event holder, satisfying venue insurers and ensuring expensive events aren’t put at risk. Whether it’s outside broadcasting a festival or a conference, we are part of the team that makes sure the show goes on.


For the majority of our clients, lighting and heating faults are a constant drain as well as frustrating for their staff. For some, power supply is business critical. Providing a reliable and speedy service is our goal, often outperforming our service level agreements.


To achieve compliance, a structured inspection schedule is a legal requirement of the Electricity At Work Act. For businesses with large estates, this can prove a headache and costs can seem to spiral if not carefully managed. For some service providers, they employ the loss leader approach of cheap inspections with expensive follow up work. We have provided auditing for business that have employed contractors working on this basis. We found that important faults, that were simple and inexpensive to fix were overlooked in favour of large, profitable work, that may not necessarily have been required. In the worst case, we found inspection stickers on equipment that hadn’t been inspected at all and the audit trail they provided was so full of caveats and limitations, it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. We only engage in effective inspection and testing, and we tailor the approach to suit the client.


We have experience in delivering custom training packages for front line staff enabling them to understand and identify risks in their environment. By understanding the fundamentals of how electricity works and, more importantly, how it can injure, we equip staff with the tools they need to defend themselves and others. This allows businesses to use their biggest asset, their staff, to help avoid costly incidents. We frequently have our delivery methods assessed by CIPD trained professionals to ensure consistency and effectiveness.